Valentine Poem and Clipart Freebies

Valentine Poem Freebie: Perfect for 1st Grade
Click to grab poem
Every week my class learns a new poem.

I print them on chart paper and hang them in the front of our carpeted area. 

Every SINGLE morning we read the poem - with expression - while clapping a beat - in silly voices - with actions.

Once we really know the poem we look for familiar word chunks, blends and sight words to circle and underline.

And at the end of each week we always illustrate a copy of the poem for our poetry duotangs.

Such a simple, fun and worthwhile activity. Not to mention ... everyone ends up with a weekly piece of text that they can read!

Click the image above for a copy of a coloured AND a black/white version of the poems.

On to the free clipart ...

Every single day (beginning today) until Valentine's Day,  I'm posting some free clipart on my other blog, GO Designs.

Everything is teacher friendly, but I think you're especially going to love what I'm posting on February 5. Have a peek!

Isn't it the cutest?

Imagine all the fun projects you could use this paper for, including copying out a Valentine's Day poem!

See you at GO Designs.

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