Teddy Bear Art

Inside: Directions for making teddy bear pop art.
Our school is making art cards for one of our fundraisers.
Each class is creating beautiful, non-seasonal art that will be professionally reduced into greeting cards. 
I was a bit uncertain what we were going to do at first, but after talking to some very talented teachers in my school I came up with something simple yet effective.

I\’m not sure what you\’d call it. Maybe Teddy Bear Pop Art?


If you\’re interested in making these yourself, here\’s what we did:
  1. Before we started our pictures we did a practice guided drawing. It did NOT go well, as most of my kiddies had a lot of trouble drawing circles. That was when I decided to switch over to tracers.
  2. We were given special paper but obviously you could do this with any paper of your choosing.
  3. I drew the grid lines myself using a black sharpie.
  4. I called the kids over one at a time to trace their two circles. They used a pencil and I wanted to oversee it to make sure they lined them up correctly.
  5. Once the circles were drawn we finished the bears through a whole-class guided drawing lesson.
  6. After that the kids coloured in the bear sections with their felt pens. 
  7. Then they coloured the backgrounds in a contrasting colour.
  8. The final step was tracing over all the pencil lines with a black sharpie.
This project took us almost a full day but I think they look fabulous and can hardly wait to see the greeting cards.

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