Hershey's Kiss Stickers - Pretty Christmas Printables

Welcome to Day 18 of Pretty Christmas Printables. You like Hershey's Kisses, right? Sure ya do! Which means you're going to love these sweet little stickers.

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Amanda from Amanda's Parties To Go made up this cute printable. It's a collection of 11 different Christmas images that you print on sticker paper and then cut out with a 1 inch hole punch. 

You just slap them on the bottom of a bunch of Kisses, pop them into a little bag, and you've got yourself an adorable gift. Amanda even includes a matching treat bag topper in her freebie.

Teachers, this would make a great Christmas gift for your class!
Hershey's Kiss Stickers. 30 Days of Pretty Christmas Printables hosted by GradeOnederful.com

You can find all the stickers at Amanda's Parties To Go by clicking below:

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Day 19 of Pretty Christmas Printables!

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