Kawaii Halloween Clip Art

This is a wee bit embarrassing, but I have a secret crush on all things kawaii.

Specifically, I just love the little animals and fruits and veggies with those sweet little faces. I’ve never admitted this to anyone because it just seems so out of character with my age, even my “in my head age of 32”.

But folks, I’m coming clean. I LOVE kawaii art and I LOVE Halloween so I’ve put them together with this package of kawaii Halloween clip art.

Just looking at those cute little faces makes me smile.

My husband’s favourite is the candy corn, but I’m really digging the bats, especially the girl bat.

Kawaii Halloween Clipart
Kawaii Halloween Clipart

This sweet package contains 24 pieces of LARGE clipart (9 to 12 inches wide) in color and black & white.

It\’s perfect for whipping up some cute Halloween games or banners.

You can buy them in my TPT SHOP ($3).

OR, the first three people to leave a comment with their email will receive a free copy. UPDATE: The give away is over.

Happy October!

Kawaii Halloween Clipart. This super cute clipart is perfect for all your Halloween classroom, crafting and scrapbooking projects. The 300 dpi transparent png images are between 9 and 12 inches. #halloweenclipart #kawaiiclipart #halloween

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8 thoughts on “Kawaii Halloween Clip Art”

  1. Happy October & the clip art is super cute! ������✌������������ I love the faces on them as well….I LOVE Carson Dellosa & Precious Moments clip art/figurines for the faces on them as well. ������ I'm very happy, now, that my insomnia is giving me issues tonight so that I caught this post on FB! Have a wonderful weekend & thank you bunches for the copy of the clip art. My email is annaparker0103@gmail.com

  2. Thanks, Anna:) I'm glad it all worked out with your insomnia! I forget sometimes that when I go online at night here on the West Coast that the rest of the continent might be sound asleep!Just sent you the zip file!


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