Quick \’n Easy Birthday Chair for Your Classroom

super easy happy birthday chair for first grade
I made a birthday chair!
And the best part? It took about five minutes. Yes! I love quick \’n easy projects.

I found this idea on Mrs. Richardson\’s Class blog … thank you Mrs. Richardson!

We happened to have two folding black chairs collecting dust in the back of our garage. So once I cleaned up one of the chairs, it was good to go.
If you don\’t have a chair lying around, they\’re pretty cheap at WalMart (that\’s where we originally bought it).

Making a birthday chair for a first grade classroom.
I bought two packs of stickers, slapped \’em on, and that was it! You could also add stickers down the sides of the chair, which I might actually do later.
Making a birthday chair for a first grade classroom.
The beauty of a folding chair is that at the end of the day you can tuck the chair away somewhere until it\’s someone else\’s special day.
To be honest, I\’m not sure how long those stickers are going to stay put ~ I\’ll definitely have to remind the kids not to pull them off ~ but I have lots of extra stickers, so it shouldn\’t be too much of a problem.
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