New Social Icons

I have four new sets of icons for you! Three are social media sets and one is a set of sewing icons.

All my icons are made by me, from scratch, and most of them come in two sizes: 50 px and 400 px. The smaller ones are ideal for putting on websites and blogs, and the larger ones are good for product pages. They're actually a little big but I wanted them that way because then it's super easy for you to reduce them to your desired size without losing any of the crispness.

Here are the latest:

These are the sewing icons. There are 18 icons in the four colours shown and the two sizes. These were made by special request:)

UPDATE: The sewing icons are no longer in my shop, but if you'd like to purchase them just send me an email. 

Then I made a matching set of social media icons.

This set was also a special request. 

And lastly, a fun set of glittery gold icons. These ones are all the same colour, but they come in four different shapes and the same two sizes.
Teachers Pay Teachers LINK

If you'd like some icons but want them in a different colour or shape, please send me an email at beleyne (at) OR fill out the contact form in the sidebar.

For most requests I just make them up and then put them in my shop for the usual $3 or $4. Then if you like them and wish to purchase - awesome - and if not, no worries:)

Thanks for stopping by!

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