Word Wall Bingo

Inside: Directions and free template for word wall bingo, a spelling game.
As we head into our last 18 teaching days before summer break, I'm looking to lighten things up a bit.

We do spelling every day all year long and we play lots of fun games, but Word Wall Bingo is an all-time fave and has been for many years.

Its a super easy, low-to-no-prep version.

I give the kids a copy of the sheet below and ask them to fill in each of the 24 blanks with the words from our Word Wall. We have lots more than 24 words so it makes for varied boards.

When everyone is ready I just pull one of the words off the board, everyone reads and spells it out loud and the lucky bingo players put a clear chip over their word.

We continue until someone gets five in a row.

But here's the catch. They don't get their prize (a sticker from my sticker jar) unless they have spelled every word correctly and neatly (I have to be able to easily read it). This works really well to make sure that everyone is doing their best job.

We keep playing until everyone has won at least once. If someone wins twice they don't get another sticker. Nobody minds though, 'cause hey, they're six and it's a fun game.

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An easy and low prep way to play bingo with your classroom word wall.


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  1. My kids in the classroom loved to play Word Wall Bingo! I need to find some time to do this with my reading kids too. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. It's an oldie but a goodie:)
      Thanks for commenting, Lori!

  2. You know, I don't think I've ever played Bingo like this. Great idea!

    1. Yeah, it's super easy this way which is what I like:)

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