Our Mother’s Day Gifts

Inside: Jewellery holders made by kids.

Phew! We did it! Our Mother’s Day gifts were finished on time.

I’m telling you, it was a seriously close call.

We decided we’d make our moms some little pots to hold their jewellery. The plan was to use the air dry clay. I figured if we started them Monday, they’d be all finished to take home Friday.

But I forgot that we had a pro-d day on Friday, so that meant we only had 4 days.

Plenty of time, right?


Not having used air dry clay for at least 3 years I forgot they would take a few days to harden (dumb, I know).

I told the kids we’d definitely give their moms a gift but that they’d probably receive it late. Sigh.

Happily, the kids were just fine with that and some of them even told their moms! I’m guessing those same kids probably told them what we were making, too. 🙂

As it turned out they were mostly dry by Thursday morning so I decided we’d go ahead and paint them.

Mother's Day Gifts: Fast Drying Clay Pots.

Mother's Day Gifts: Fast Drying Clay Pots.

This is the paint I used. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have given them so many colour choices because, as you can see, they went to town with the colours.  But on the other hand, who cares? These gifts were 100% student made. I did virtually nothing other than show them what to do. So if the kids love them, then their mothers will too.

Mother's Day Gifts: Fast Drying Clay Pots.

In case you’re wondering we used Crayola air dry clay. It was a little sticky but very easy to manipulate.

If I’d had more time I definitely would have given the pots a coat of gloss, maybe Modge Podge.

We also managed to make some very sweet Bird in a Nest cards, too. I forgot to take a picture of them, but my kids made the same ones a couple of years ago.

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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