How to Record, Upload and Embed Videos on Blogger

Recording and Embedding Videos into Your Blogger Posts

Happy Valentines!

I have a quick 'n easy tutorial for you today. The video will explain what I'm up to:)

Okay, this video was super easy to make (although I should have recorded it again because I just realized I have a weird sing-songing voice -- haha! I don't usually sound like that. Must be nerves.)

Anyhow, all I did was record myself using my phone (I have an I6S). Originally I was holding my phone vertically, which created black bars on the side of my image. If you hold your phone horizontally those will disappear. 

Upload Video Option 1

Once the video was finished I just sent it to my YouTube account and uploaded it. You'll be prompted to type in the title and description and then you hit PUBLISH. I changed the settings to "unlisted" which means it won't come up in a random YouTube search. People can only view it if they have access to the link, which is right here:) But you'll probably want yours to remain PUBLIC.

It only takes a few minutes for your video to be ready, but once it is, you just scroll down below it where you'll see some text that says EMBED. Click on it and some code will open up. Copy that code and then paste it into your blog post (make sure you're in the HTML version first or it won't show up).

Upload Video Option 2

This time I just emailed the video to myself as an attachment and then downloaded it onto my desk top. Then I came back into this post and up above (in the toolbar beside LINK and the photo) you'll see a little black icon. Just click on that and you can insert your video directly from your desk top.

This also takes a few minutes to upload so you need to be patient. I like Option Number 1 better because the video is larger, but really it's a matter of taste. Option 2 is easier, though, because you don't have to grab and insert any code.

UPDATE!! I don't recommend this option. I realized last night that you can't see this video on your phone or tablet :(

Screen Capture with Audio

Alright, the last thing I'll show you is how to record your screen with audio. It's the next video (which I uploaded through YouTube ~ Option 1). Here you go:

I hope this was helpful to someone. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving on my methods, please leave a comment. But be kind :)  I'm learning this just like everyone else.

Have a great day!

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