Blogger Tutorial: Automatically Embedding Pinterest Widget in Blog Post

Pinterest Widget Blogger Tutorial: In this tutorial you\'ll find out how to add the pinterest widget to your posts and sidebar. This is a great way to increase your pinterest followers!

Have you ever wondered how to add a Pinterest board widget to your blog? Lots of bloggers like to add them to the bottom of their posts (see mine at the very bottom).

If you\’re a huge Pinterest user, then this is a cool way of getting more readers to view your boards.

You can set it up so that your profile page is viewed, or just one specific board.

Follow my tutorial and not only will I show you how to do that, but I\’ll also show you how to set it up so that it shows up automatically every single time you publish a blog post!

Inserting a Pinterest Widget into Your Blogger Post

Step 1

Go to your Pinterest page and log in. Click on the little question mark at the bottom right corner. When you get the pop-up, click on \”Create Widget\”.

Step 2

Once you do that, the image below will pop up. Copy the code in the box (be sure to grab everything).
This post describes, step-by-step, how to embed the pinterest widget into your blogger post, so that it shows up automatically with every single post.

Step 3

Now you\’re going to paste the code into your Blogger post BUT you can\’t do that in \”compose\” mode. You have to be in \”HTML\” mode. If you\’re not sure what I mean, just look at the top left (it\’s right there beside font, text, bold, italics etc.).
You\’ll now be looking at a bunch of code. Don\’t panic, just scroll down and paste the code you copied at the very bottom.
Click on \”Compose\” and you\’ll be back to your posting page. The widget will NOT show up but you\’ll be able to see this (with your own name, of course):
When you\’re finished your post, hit publish, and you\’ll be able to see your new widget!



You\’ll notice that your widget is aligned left. If you want it in the centre (like I do), then add the centre tags to the code pinterest gave you.
Can you see my tags? They\’re underlined in red (be sure to put in the little arrows and slash, and spell \”center\” the American way).


You can change the size here, also. Just adjust width and height to whatever you like.

The default is a width of 400:  data-pin-board-width=\”400\”  but you can easily change that. Mine is now 600.

A Widget for a Specific Board

If you don\’t want a profile widget then you can easily change it to one of your boards. Just go to that board on Pinterest and copy the URL.

In the code that you grabbed earlier look for something like this:


and change the pink URL to your board URL.

How to Make Your Pinterest Widget Show up Automatically With Each Post

Step 1

Copy your pinterest widget code again (the one you pasted into your blog post). 
Save and close your blog post.
Click on settings at the very bottom.
Blogger Tutorial: How to add a pinterest widget to your blogger post
Now click on \”Posts and comments\”
Blogger Tutorial: How to add a pinterest widget to your blogger post

Step 2

Paste your code into this box then save (top right).
Blogger Tutorial: How to add a pinterest widget to your blogger post

Step 3

To test your automatic widget, click on new post, then  preview and voila! There it is. It will now show up every single time you write a blog post.
I hope this all makes sense. If not, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.
The steps might look a little daunting, but honestly, they\’re pretty easy and I know you can do it yourself:)
Thanks for stopping by!

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