Our Snowman Week

Inside: Learning about snow in Grade 1.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Our first week back at school was all about snow. We read some great books and watched a couple of very cool snow videos. It even snowed for about 5 minutes during recess on Monday. We live in Victoria, where we maybe get snow once a year, so you can image the excitement.

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder

Glittery Snow Dough

I made up my first batch of glittery snow dough and the kids absolutely LOVED it! I used this flour-based recipe and it was super easy. I loved the fact that I could just stir it up in the mixing bowl and not boil it all on the stove. For a class of 22 I had to quadruple the recipe.

After playing with it for awhile I asked the kids to use up all their dough to make a snowman. I put out some buttons, googly eyes, ribbon and orange foam for them to use. Then they ran outside and gathered up sticks for the arms.

The next day everyone named their snowmen (or gals) and wrote descriptions.

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

Crystal Snowflakes

I’ve always wanted to make Borax snowflakes and we finally did it! I used coloured pipe cleaners and everyone made their own. One pipe cleaner cut into 3 pieces did the trick. After twisting the pipe cleaners together we tied them to a pencil and hung them over a cup (everyone had their own cup) and poured in the solution. I used 1/3 cup of Borax to 2 cups of boiling water. I think I ended up making about 18 cups of solution.

It was really fast, too! We put them in the solution at the end of the day and the next morning they were covered in crystals.

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

Snowman Math

In Math we had lots of fun making snowman addition booklets. The kids dipped their fingers into white paint to make a different number of snowmen on each page. As you can see, we made little blue construction paper booklets. This part actually took a little while because we had to wait for the pages to dry before we could do the next page. I’d suggest doing this during centres time so that they can go back and forth between playing and painting their snowman.

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

When everything was dry, the kids added details with a black felt and wrote their addition sentences. Needless to say, this was a popular activity, too!

Snow Activities, Books, Videos for Grade 1

Over the Christmas break I was busy making Valentine clipart.

Here are the animals I created (the fish makes me laugh because I think her bow looks like over-grown eyebrows!).  For just $3 you get 43 images (colour and black & white). I also made up two new sets of paper.

Valentine Buddies clipart by GradeONEderful.com

Have a fun weekend!


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