Bears Bears Bears!

Inside: Lots of bear activities for a primary class.
We're learning about bears again! This is one of my favourite units because there are just so many fun things to do.

We jump-started the unit with a visit from our local Conservation Officer. The kids were thrilled with his visit and learned LOTS, including many safety tips.

The highlight of the visit, though, was when he showed the kids this little guy!

Stuffed baby bear cub. Bear studies in a grade 1 class.

My first thought was, "Oh my gosh! He's so cute." That was quickly followed by "Aw, what happened?"

Turns out this little cub was orphaned and sadly he wasn't found until it was too late. But the good part of it is that he's making lots of children very happy.

My kids just couldn't get over how soft and sweet looking he was.

Petting a stuffed bear. Bear studies in a grade 1 class.

My TOC wrote up this great chart with the kids:

Bear chart.  Bear studies in a grade 1 class.

And then they drew and labeled some pictures and wrote some bear facts.

Bear studies in a grade 1 class.

Bear studies in a grade 1 class.

If you're doing your own bear unit, you might want to check out some of my other posts.

A couple of years ago we made these great triaramas.

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And last year we had lots of fun making biscuit bears and writing about them.

Click for more info and a freebie
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We watched an adorable video where a cub learns how to swim. This post also has some artwork.

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And here's a free polar bear math game.
Polar bear bump subtraction. Bear studies in a grade 1 class.
Click the image to grab the game
One year we made these adorable brown bears. 

Brown bear art. Bear studies in a grade 1 class.
Click for the art instructions

If you haven't read Big Bear Hug yet, then click the pic for a review. It's well worth it!

We also read The Very Cranky Bear (which was lots of fun). Click the image below to read the book review AND grab this freebie.
Bears can, have, are, freebie. Bear studies in a grade 1 class.

And here's another book I absolutely adore.
Click the pic for a book review, directed drawing AND a super bear video!

And lastly, you can find a couple of cute art projects and a review of The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud (just click the image).

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more bear activities!


  1. What a great opportunity for the kiddos to experience!

    Owls and Lessons, Etc.

    1. Thanks, Haley! I'll definitely be inviting him in to speak again next year:)

  2. There are so many great things to do when you study bears and the kids are so motivated. I'm not teaching Science this year and really miss it!

    1. I won't be teaching much science either. I just cut my time down to .68 last week so my teaching partner will continue with most of it. Mind you, I'll be integrating the units into language arts and it'll still be fun :)

  3. I especially love their drawings. They're so fun and unique.

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I really like how one little person added shading around their bear:)

  4. Your room looks like such a fun place to learn!

    The Math Maniac

  5. Thanks for sharing Barb! I'm starting a unit on bears and loved all the good books you recommended! The Polar bear video was really cute and the kids will love it! Brenda

    1. You're welcome, Brenda. It's always such fun learning about bears!

  6. Love this bear unit! The students' diagrams and drawings of the different bears are great! I know they must have had a lot of fun and learned so much.

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