Free Christmas Poem Printable

Hello Friends!

I have a quick little freebie for you today. It's a cute Christmas poem that I've jazzed up with five different backgrounds (2 coloured and 3 black and white).

Every Monday I introduce a new poem that we practice reading all week long. We read chorally, in groups, with funny voices, and we make up actions. I use the coloured versions under my document camera for all to see!

On Friday the kids receive a black and white version to colour and keep in their poetry duotangs. 

Click any image to grab!

The clipart is from


UPDATE: Yikes, I just realized there's a teeny tiny error where I left out an "s" in "drive". But it's now been fixed!

Santa Poem FreebieSanta Poem Freebie
Santa Poem Freebie


  1. I do this weekly poem thing too, but I haven't made up actions. That's a brilliant idea. :)

    1. I let the kids make them up ... with guidance :)

  2. I used to do a weekly poem when I taught grade one and I miss doing them. This one is cute. I love the tricky rhythm. It would be excellent for choral reading.

    1. It really helps with their fluency plus they're fun to learn:). Thanks for stopping by, Debbie.


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