Easy Low Prep Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make!

Easy low prep Christmas gifts for kids to make

Here in Victoria we have less than 3 weeks before Christmas vacation begins!

Like most teachers, I like to bring in some supplies so the kids can make, bake and create fabulous gifts for their parents.

But what I DON'T want are any presents that are expensive, messy or time-consuming.

So I spent a couple of hours rounding up what I think are some pretty spectacular gift options.

Salt dough ornament gifts for kids to make for Christmas

I think these rainbow marbled salt dough ornaments by Twodaloo are beautiful. I love how she uses them as both ornaments and gift decorations.

Glitter magnet gifts for kids to make for Christmas

These gorgeous bling magnets by Paging Fun Mums are just so glitzy and fun PLUS super easy. I think these would make a great secondary gift to the main one.

Cute mouse ornament for kids to make for Christmas

I love this little candy cane mouse. When my oldest son was a little boy he made this ornament in Grade 1, although back then they used felt. This one is made from craft foam, but either way, it's so sweet. You can find this at Sewing Barefoot.

Salt dough ornament for kids to make for Christmas

So simple, yet so lovely, another salt dough ornament, but this one is from the imagination tree.

Personalised coasters for kids to make for Christmas

Paging Fun Mums has another winner with these personalized coasters. My class made something similar to these years ago and they turned out super well.

Keychain gifts for kids to make for Christmas

These adorable key chains from hellobee are meant for Father's Day, but they could easily be adapted for a Christmas gift. Just might have to make these ones, too!

Gorgeous fridge magnets for kids to make for Christmas gifts

Loving these crayon resist fridge magnets from Happy Hooligans. This one might actually be a little messy but I think it would be totally worth it!

Light bulb ornaments for kids to make for Christmas gifts

Crafty Morning has some light bulb ornaments. How totally cute are these?

Glitzy owl ornaments for kids to make for Christmas gifts

These owl ornaments from Meet the Dubiens just might be my all-time faves! I'm hoping Michaels sells those sequin-y looking ornaments cause I love the texture.

Snowmen ornaments for kids to make for Christmas gifts

And lastly, these are the ornaments my class made last year. They also look pretty awesome in blue or red! You can see them here.

That's it! Hopefully you found something you adore.

Happy crafting!


  1. You found some great ideas. I'm afraid it's just not doable if it includes glitter though. :)

    1. Aw, too bad, glitter makes the world go round:)

  2. I love them all! And I also love breaking out the glitter for the December crafts. One of my kids made the cute candy cane mouse, too.
    Always Primary

    1. I think those candy cane mice must have been very popular back in the late 80's :)

  3. So many cute ideas! I agree that it would need to be not time consuming or too messy. I especially like the personalized coasters.
    Conversations in Literacy


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