Christmas Tree Addition FREEBIES!

I just made the cutest math activity yesterday and my kids completed it today. Read on to see what we did and then you can grab the sheets I made PLUS some cute Christmas clipart.

After lots of modelling (I used the document camera and white board) the kids were given  Christmas tree and ornament outlines.

Each pair of children had two dice. They rolled and recorded their addition sentences on the ornaments (this was tricky for a few kids).

Then they wrote their answer on a circle on the tree.

Christmas tree addition in Grade 1 FREEBIE

Once that was complete they started colouring their trees and ornaments (leaving the printing uncoloured, of course:).

Christmas tree addition in Grade 1 FREEBIE

When the colouring and cutting were finished they glued their addition sentence ornaments onto the circle with the correct answer.  Many of the kids had to set up their dice again in order to match up with the right answer. 

You can't really see it here, but the top of the ornament is a tab. They applied glue to the tab so that the ornament can be lifted to reveal the correct answer. And ~ no surprise here ~ there were a few cuties who glued the entire ornament onto their answer, but luckily it was all very easy to remedy.

Christmas tree addition in Grade 1 FREEBIE

Christmas tree addition in Grade 1 FREEBIE

Christmas tree addition in Grade 1 FREEBIE

The kids LOVED this activity and got lots of practice with their addition!

You can grab the tree and ornament templates right here.

And here's some clipart art for you to use. Enjoy!

Christmas tree clipart FREEBIE by
Click to grab

Thanks for dropping in ...  if you grab the freebies I'd love a comment:)


  1. I used the ornament math activity today and the kids loved it:) Thank you!!!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Julie! It's a fun one, for sure:)


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