Blogger Tutorial: Page Tabs

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs (both internal and external links).

In the last two days I've had two blog friends ask me how to add tabs to their page bar.

It can be a little tricky to do so I thought I'd take the time to write a thorough tutorial.

First up, make sure you have the pages gadget:

Go to your dashboard, then layout.

You'll be looking at something like this. If you don't see the Pages gadget, then click on "Add a Gadget".

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

Scroll down to pages and click on the + sign.

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

When the gadget pops up, just click on save. You'll need to come back here later, but for now you just want to make sure the gadget is in place.

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

Now you need to add your new pages:

Once you've clicked "save" you're looking at your layout. Next step is to click on "Pages" on the top left and then "New Page".

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

Now you need to type in your page title. You can also add some content to your page (below in the white space) or you can save that for later. Be sure to hit "Publish" (orange button, top right).

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

Last step so that you can actually see your new page tab:

I think this is where most people get a little bit confused. "I created my page and hit publish, so why isn't it showing up?"

Because there's one more step. 

Once you've saved your page you need to click on "layout" (bottom left).

Then click the "edit" link in your pages gadget.

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

I just made a new page called "Test Page". There it is at the bottom. But it's not showing up on my blog because I need to click on it and save. Once I do that the new page is live.

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

See how it now shows up at the bottom. If I want to change the order of my page tabs, I just have to click/hold and drag the page where I want it to appear.

Here's what my page bar looks like now:

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs

One last cool feature:

So now you know how to add page tabs and rearrange the order. But suppose you don't want to create a new page? Instead you'd like to have a page tab that links somewhere else ... maybe your store or another blog you own. It could be pretty much anywhere.

Here's how you can use external links for your own page tabs:

Go back into the pages gadget and click on "Add external link" (it's blue).

In the pop-up add your new page title and the web address or URL (it starts with http://).

Hit save and you're done!

Blogger Tutorial: How to add page tabs
The pages with an "X" beside them are the tabs that link to an external source. The pages without the "X" are internal pages.

I hope that was useful!

If there's something you're struggling with please let me know in the comments and I'll do another tutorial.

BTW, a blogging friend was asking me about the "Search" gadget. Look for that tutorial in a couple of days.

Take care!


  1. Thanks for being so kind and sharing your how to information! 😃

    1. You're very welcome. I have fun doing it:)

  2. This was very much appreciated. Especially for someone just beginning their blogging journey! Thank you.

    Kristen (

    1. Thanks for letting me know it was useful, Kristen! Happy Blogging! It's a lot of fun:)

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