The Princess and the Pony Book Review!

Here’s a brand-new picture book by author and illustrator Kate Beaton. It came highly recommended from our local book store and it totally lived up to my expectations.

The kids laughed all the way through it and couldn’t get over how the little warrior horse looks like a chubby guinea pig:)

Book review of Kate Beaton's The Princess and the Pony. #princessandthepony #booksforkids #gradeonederful

Title: The Princess and the Pony
Author: Kate Beaton
Publishing: Arthur A. Levine Books, July 2015
Theme: Ponies, Princesses, Humour

Opening Lines:

In a kingdom of warriors, the smallest warrior was Princess Pinecone. And she was very excited for her birthday.


Princess Pinecone, the smallest warrior in the kingdom,  has BIG birthday dreams: she really really really wants a big, strong, fast warrior horse. So it’s an understatement to say she’s a little disappointed when her present arrives. She makes do with her not-so-perfect, buggy-eyed, flatulating warrior horse until she goes into her first battle (it’s actually a fake, kind-of-fun battle) where things take a very surprising turn.

The princess and the pony book review by Grade ONEderful

Why I Like This Book:

Well, I’m always a sucker for funny books and I thought this one was pretty hilarious. The pony just cracks me up. But the ending is what sold me. All these huge, strong, scary looking warriors just melt and get all “coochie coo” as soon as they see the little pony. It turns out that Sally Smash, Otto the Awful and the rest of the gang all have a cuddly side that they rarely get to show.

The princess and the pony book review by Grade ONEderful

Something else worth mentioning (although to be honest, I didn’t even notice during the first read-through), is that this is a bi-racial marriage! Cool, eh? You don’t often see picture books reflecting that kind of reality. I love it!

The princess and the pony book review by Grade ONEderful


If you visit Kate’s website you’ll find some activity pages.

The princess and the pony book review by Grade ONEderful. Colouring activities by Scholastic.

Here’s a simple tutorial for drawing your own horse.

And here’s another one for a more cutesy kind of pony.

Drawing a pony tutorial

Book review of Kate Beaton\'s The Princess and the Pony. #princessandthepony #booksforkids #gradeonederful

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