Father’s Day Cards

We made our last minute Father’s Day cards today and I think they turned out pretty well.

They were easy to make, low stress and everyone felt very successful.Father\'s Day Cards

Materials Needed for Father’s Day Cards:

1. Corrugated cardboard cards and matching envelopes. I got mine from Michael’s but if there isn’t one near you perhaps Target has them. I found these Kraft cards and envelopes from Amazon (affiliate link). They’re not the same, but they would work just as well!

2. 1 scalloped heart punch

3. 1 scalloped circle punch

4. crayons and glue

5. assortment of scrapbook paper, but old wall paper samples would work just as well

Father\'s Day Cards

Directions for Father’s Day Cards:

1. Lay out an assortment of colourful scrapbook paper and let your students choose their favourites.

2. Punch 1 heart and 3 circles for each student. To save time you could pre-punch a large variety of hearts and circles ahead of time for students to choose from.

3. Print “Dad” on the circle shapes in a dark colour

4. Glue “Dad” and the heart onto the front of the card

5. Print “Happy Father’s Day” inside the card in a variety of colours

Day cards made by kids. Materials: brown note cards, heart punch, scallop punch, scrap paper. Super easy!

That’s it! Like I said, super easy, and everyone in the class was able to make these.

The only tricky part for a few of them was making sure the card opened the right way. Very very careful listening was required — ha ha!

If you’re looking for more ideas for Father’s Day, be sure to check out my Super Dad freebie!

Enjoy the upcoming Father’s Day!


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Cards”

  1. What cute cards! I'm afraid Father's Day is something I've never gotten to celebrate. We always get out too early(as if that were possible!) and dads get lost in the end of the year, Memorial Day, summer mash-up. What do you do about children who don't know their fathers? (Sad but true question for me!)Jenny

  2. Hi Jenny,For the kids who don't have Dads I give them a choice. So depending on the situation they make one for their mom, or grandpa or step-dad … whoever kind of fills that roll. It's a tough one, but it's always worked out well that way. 🙂


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