Our Earth Day Paintings

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We finished up our Earth Day paintings on Thursday. Yeah, I know I’m a week late (sigh). But hey, at least we got them done.

I found this great idea at an art blog called Thrive (sorry, the link I used to have doesn’t work anymore). Theirs look much better than ours but I’m thinking they weren’t created by 6 and 7 year olds:)

It’s a super easy lesson. You just need paper, black sharpies and water colours.

Here’s how we did it:

1. Every child traced a circle on their paper using a paper plate and a black sharpie.

2. Then we did a guided drawing using black sharpies. We drew our wavy line first and then our hills and mountains. They were allowed to copy me or do their own variations.

3. The rest of the drawing was done on their own. I simply asked them to fill the ocean with sea creatures.

4. We were imagining our earth in space, so the next step was to add a sun, planets, stars and anything else that might be in space.

5. The last step was painting!

I was tempted to let them do their drawings in pencil first and then trace the lines with the sharpie. But I knew from past experience that their drawings would be too detailed which makes them tricky to trace afterwards.

A couple of kids made little mistakes and wanted to start over, but the vast majority were very happy with their first attempts.

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