Mother’s Day in Grade 1

Every year I like to do something different for Mother’s Day.

Yesterday I was scouring pinterest for some great new ideas and here’s what I came up with:
Mother's Day: 8 easy gifts and cards for first grade!
1. “Bird in a Nest Card”: Okay, I guess I cheated a bit here. I actually made this card with my class two years ago, but I liked it SO much that I decided to include it in this round-up.

2. “Thumb-Shaped Heart Card”: I think this little card is seriously cute! You can find the directions at Crafty Morning.

3. “Heart-Shaped Pendants”: Aren’t these sweet? They’d be a great match up with the heart card. I found them on Little Pink Monster.

4. “Bouquet Card”: I love the bright colours and simplicity of these. The easy directions are on Krokotak.

5. “Handprint Bouquet Card”: So lovely and simple from The Trendy Treehouse.

6. “Bath Bombs”: I’ve never made these with a class, ever! But I keep meaning to. The directions from Playdough to Plato make it look pretty easy.

7. “Mother’s Day Button Letters Craft”: I used to love playing with buttons when I was a kid and seeing as how they’re easy to find and cheap to buy I think this is the perfect gift. This great idea is from Thrifty Jinxy.

8. “Heart Pendant Keychains”: Hmm, just realized these are almost identical to the #3 pendants but I still love them and think they’re share-worthy. I especially like the added touch of glitter paint. Directions used to bemother’s d at Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom (sorry, no link as her blog doesn’t exist anymore).

I haven’t decided yet which card and gift we’ll be making. Maybe ‘ll let my class decide:)

How about you?


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