Lots of Valentine ideas!

Inside: Lots of Valentine Ideas for a First Grade Classroom

Panda Art

My class made these sweet little heart pandas with my favourite substitute teacher.

Paper panda head made from heart shapes mounted on red paperPaper panda head made from heart shapes mounted on pink paper

Cute, hey?

We decided to free-form it. So she gave the kids their paper, showed them how to fold it, and then demonstrated how to cut half a heart shape.

We BOTH thought it would be pretty easy for most of them. NOT! When I spoke to her later she said it was extremely difficult and that they were cutting in all sorts of weird places, and that she had to help at least half the class with EVERY SINGLE heart.

Funny thing is, when I asked my class this morning if they found it a bit hard they ALL, very firmly, told me that no, it was simple.  Haha!

I think this would be easy for Grade 2 but definitely don’t try it with Kindergarten unless you have a lot of tracers on hand.

Candy Math

This morning I brought in some conversation hearts. I didn’t show them to the kids right away. Instead, we played a game of Twenty Questions.

I changed the rules up a bit and told them they had to ask me 20 “clue” questions about what I had before they could guess what it actually was.

After they asked the question, I answered with a “yes” or a “no” and then write the info on the chart paper (and NO, the candies weren’t sitting there while we played :)).

I starred all the clues that were the most helpful and we went over those. After that the kids figured it out fairly quickly.

Next up! We estimated how many there were. The kids all went back to their desks and wrote out their estimates.

Then we counted them in groups of 10s.

After that, I asked them to draw their groups of 10s and 1s and label them.

Recording our estimation and counting information

I modelled it first on the white board.

BTW, the reason those cards are there is because they’re from our word wall. I brought them over to the white board for this little exercise to remind the kids that they need to use the word wall when they’re doing their own writing.

Finally, I had them figure out how many candies each child could have. We have 24 kids in our class, so I doubled the number of candies.

We shared some answers and strategies and finally one little bright light figured out they could have two candies each!

Student copy of conversation heart estimation and counting

Valentine Spelling

As part of spelling today I thought it would be fun to make Valentine spelling Cootie Catchers!

It took us longer than expected but the kids were excited and had fun so it was all worth it.

We made cootie catchers to practice our spelling wordsWe made Cootie Catchers to practice our spelling words

Under the number flaps are 8 different sight/spelling words that they chose from the word wall.

Hope you can use some of these ideas.

Happy Valentines Day!

A collection of Valentine ideas for the Grade 1 classroom. Spelling Cootie Catchers, estimating and counting conversation hearts, and heart-shaped panda bear craft.Lots more Valentine ideas here!


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  1. I love how you incorporated your word wall into your chart…genus!! I'm always trying to get more use out of my word wall!! I love the Cootie Catchers and they are so good for those fine motor skills lacking in several of my students this year. Thank you!Jenny

  2. Hi Jenny,You might well be the first person who's called me a genius! Haha!The cootie catchers are great for fine motor. I agree. I was really surprised at how many of the kids found it hard to coordination their fingers to open and close them.


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