It's a Valentine Blog Hop!

Inside: Valentine ideas for your primary classroom
Hi Everyone,

Eight more days until Valentines! Love, love, love it!

I'm joining up with some fellow bloggers to share some of the things I like to do in my class on Valentine's Day. (Note: The Blog Hop is long gone.)

Valentine Bags


We usually make these bags in white (easier to find) but you can see how sweet the coloured bags look, too. I found these at Michaels.

If you click the pic you can grab the puppy template.

Valentine Cards

We usually make cards for our parents, too. We made these ones last year and I just love the little fan hearts the kids made. You can click either image for more details

Inside the card they were instructed to write "I love you because..." with three reasons.

Valentine Books

Now of course, Valentine's would NOT be complete without some cute books to read. Here are some of my favourites:

This is a silly but sweet book about a hippo looking for her special Valentine.

I'm not that crazy about the Franklin books, but my kids love them.

Click on the image to read more about this perfectly perfect book!

Valentine Poems

Click to grab these and more!

Click the pic to grab

Lots more Valentine posts here!

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  1. You've shared lots of great books Barbara! Thanks for the ideas.

  2. You've got some awesome ideas, Barbara! I love the gift bags, and the book selection is spot-on!!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

    1. Thanks, Erin!
      I think we'll do the bags tomorrow so we can admire them all week:)

  3. I bet the parents enjoy the cards and sweet words. Happy Valentines to you!

    1. And a BIG Happy Valentines to you, too, Tammy!

  4. Ohhh! Those bags are such a great idea! Thanks!

    Miss Monica

    1. You're welcome, Monica! Thanks for stopping by.

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