Art in Our School

Inside: A collection of artwork from an elementary school. 
Do you ever just wander around your building and admire the bulletin boards?

That's what I did last week and was just blown away by some of the beautiful art I saw.

Have a look!

The panda above was created in a Grade 1 class. The students were given black, green, and white paper, plus some circle templates. They cut out their various shapes and then added a piece of bamboo. I think this little artist also added a black cape!

This second panda was also created by a first grade student. Hard to believe, isn't it? She used chalk pastels for this beautiful piece. I believe the students were guided through a directed drawing to create these.

I love this cat! It's very Dr. Seuss-like. I think the method used here is pretty obvious, and in case you can't tell, the primary-age artist used pastels.

These little bunnies were done in my class. The students used white tempera paint and sponges to create these. While the paint was still wet they used plastic forks around the edges of the bunny to pull out the fur. When the paint was dry they added the extra details.


This beautiful lion was also painted by a primary student. They used tempera paints. I love the way they added different colours for the mane. And the bright blue background is such an awesome choice!

The following artworks were all created by intermediate students.

This first one is a self portrait and was made using a styrofoam print.

I just love the bear and wolf.  The trees and background were painted (I believe painters tape was used to outline the trees) and then old music sheets were used for the animal bodies!
Aren't these perspective paintings cool? They were pre-drawn and then painted with watercolours.

I love the colours and designs in this owl. I'm not sure if it was done in pastels or crayon, but either way it's beautiful.

Ted Harrison style paintings by students at Lakewood Elementary

These Ted Harrison-style paintings are my absolute favourites!  I have several Harrison prints in my home and I never get tired of the vibrant colours.

Sadly, Mr. Harrison died a month ago, here in Victoria.  He'll be missed but not forgotten.


  1. Love seeing artwork created by kids. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Kelly:) There's always something extra special about a child's art.
      I could happily have it hanging all over my house!

  2. I love those vibrant colors too. You're surrounded by greatness.

    1. haha! Thanks! You always have such a great way with words, Tammy:)

  3. Those are great, Barb! Does everyone teach their own art or do you have an art teacher?


    1. Thanks, Crystal!

      We all do our own art ... no art teacher. But our province (and I believe it's the same across Canada) values Fine Arts in school so we're required to teach it and report on it.

  4. I think it's wonderful that you guys put so much emphasis on art. I just wrote a post (haven't published it yet) at how disappointed I was that we are talking about getting rid of our art specials. :( Many of our teachers don't do it in the classrooms-so the kids just don't get those experiences.

    1. Aw, that's really too bad. Art is so important. It's funny because I also have a draft post about the benefits of art. Keeping my fingers crossed that you don't lose your art specials!

  5. Such a beautiful collection of art work! You have quite a talented group of students.
    Conversations in Literacy

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