Valentine Paintings

Inside: Valentine paintings in a pop art syle.

Every time a new holiday rolls around it feels like my favourite.  Does that happen to you, too?

Valentine’s Day is no exception.

I just love the pinks and reds and purples and blues and all the pretty, frilly activities that go along with it.

In preparation for this long-awaited day, my students made these pretty Valentine hearts in a pop art style.

They were super easy to create and my 1st graders loved this project.

Valentine paintings in a Pop Art style by grade one students. Hearts drawn with oil pastel and painted with tempera.


  1. Take a piece of 11 by 14 paper and trim to 11 by 11
  2. Divide into quarters
  3. Trace a heart in the middle of each quadrant
  4. Photocopy so there’s one for each student
  5. Draw a different design in each heart
  6. Colour the hearts with oil or chalk pastels
  7. But sure to add as much colour as possible
  8. Use tempera paint to paint the background of each square in a different colour

Let me know if you give this project a try.  I’m sure your students will love it as much as mine did!


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