Gorgeous Tissue Trees for Christmas!

Inside: Directions for making beautiful tissue trees for Christmas.

We just finished creating some beautiful tissue Christmas trees. They're in the gym right now as part of the decorations for our concert tomorrow.

I found the idea from Jill at Mrs. T's First Grade Class.

Colourful Tissue Christmas Trees from Grade ONEderful

While they were pretty easy to make, it WAS a two-day, three-stage process.


Tissue Trees Directions:


1. I cut tissue paper into squares (they weren't exact).
2. I gave the kids white glue bottles and a letter-sized piece of paper and told them to cover it in glue.
3. They layered on their tissue paper.
4. We let it dry over night and the next day I cut their paper into triangles and rectangles.
5. They painted the sky with watered down blue tempera paint (on 11 x 14 paper).
6. Once the paint was dry they glued on their trees (we talked a bit about perspective beforehand).
7. Last step was gluing on the little dots of snow (paper circles from the office hole puncher).

Easy for Grade one students!

And here's what I heard as we were finishing up: "Mrs. Leyne, you do the coolest art! Way better than kindergarten." Haha! Pretty funny since I happen to know the kindergarten teachers have fabulous art projects :)

Have a great week!

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  1. What a cute comment! The trees are so pretty! They really stand out against the background too. I love 'em!

    1. Thanks, Chrissy! The kids are really proud of themselves:)

  2. So cute! It is amazing how much more complicated of a project you can do with first graders than with Kindergarteners.

    The Math Maniac

    1. I know! That one year really makes a difference.

  3. Those are some really fine trees!

  4. Way better than kindergarten for sure! They do look great!

  5. The trees are very beautiful. But as a kindergarten teacher, the hairs on the back of my neck are raised. We accept the challenge to make tissue paper trees. Yes, it might take us a full week - but we WILL make trees!!

    1. Haha. Too funny. But yes it would be challenging in K. My kids actually handled it better than I thought possible so you never know:)

  6. Beautiful trees! I am sure they looked beautiful in your room for Christmas!!
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