Pumpkin Life Cycle & Marshmallow Math


This week we're learning about pumpkins.

First we read a book about pumpkins and then we watched a video (it's a super cute video with accurate info and a song. My kids loved it!) We also pretended we were pumpkin seeds growing into pumpkins, which was silly but memorable. 

Afterwards, the kids made pumpkin life cycle booklets.  All I had them do was trace a circle onto construction paper, cut out, decorate, then add a green stem.

And here are some middles. This was easy, too. I gave them a piece of paper with a circle sectioned into quarters. I drew the life cycle on the white board (with the class's help) and then they did the same on their own sheets.

If you're looking for a "Pumpkins need..." sheet, just click the image below to see what I did last year.

During math we estimated how many marshmallows would fit onto 3 different sized ghosts.

Then we counted to check our estimate and wrote the number in tens and ones.

It was hard work but lots of fun!

A BIG thanks to Jill from Mrs. T's First Grade. If you click HERE you can grab the sheet.


  1. We did the marshmallow ghost activity too. I added a sheet of ten frames to it so kids could move the marshmallows into the frames after filling up the ghosts to see how many tens and ones they had.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I'm going to remember that for next year, Tammy! A few of my little guys could have used that extra support.


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