Groovy Owl Art Project

Inside: Directions for an owl art project in Grade 1.

Groovy Owl Art Project by Grade 1 students

Last week my class drew some owls!

I drew a simple owl on the white board while the kids followed along.

After we had the basic shape with the wings, eyes and beak, I told them to decorate the rest of the owl any way they liked.

They used crayons to colour and then they outlined their owls in black.

My original plan was to have them paint a light wash over their artwork, but they were quite adamant that they were beautiful as is, so we left them alone:)

They all look gorgeous and every child is so proud of their art.

PS  Today is my birthday and I’m spending it at a farm where we get to ride a train, pick pumpkins and pet the farm animals. Couldn’t be better:)


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