Free Math Game for Grades K and 1

Hello and Happy September!

At the beginning of the year we practice printing our numbers almost every day.

But that can get a bit boring so I always like to jazz things up when I can.

Here’s an activity I’ll be doing very early on with my new ones: “Number Race”.


1. Every player has their own game board (below) which they cover with 10 counters.

2. These 10-frame cards and the number cards below are placed together in a face-down pile.

3. Player One draws a card then removes the corresponding counter off his/her game board.

4. Player One then traces the matching number 3 times on this sheet.

5. Now it’s Player Two’s turn.

6. The first person to remove all their counters is the winner! (BTW, you can play this game with several players.)

This is a ONEderful game for number recognition, 10-frame recognition (subitizing), reading number words and printing the numbers correctly.


Happy teaching, friends!


Math Game Freebie for number recognition, number printing and subitizing (

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