Freebies for Back to School

It's Back-To-School on Tuesday for most Canadians!

Sidney, from Teaching is a Gift, has compiled this fabulous eBook.

Click to grab your FREE copy!

But don't let the word "Canadian" fool you. This 47-page gem has TONS of tips and freebies for every teacher, Canadian or not.

Here's what my page looks like (you can click the image links to grab my freebie or visit my store):

Grade ONEderful Back To School page Seasonal Panda Clipart Short Vowel Charts on TpT

Every single page offers one teaching tip, one freebie and one product (to purchase)! And there are goodies in here from Kindergarten right up to secondary school.

How awesome is that?

I hope you click on the eBook image and check it out for yourself.

Thanks, Sidney, for all your hard work!

Teaching is a Gift


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