Valentine Poetry Freebies

Inside: Animals Hearts and Valentine Poetry.

Hello! Today I’m sharing a couple of our Valentine highlights from the week.

Animal Hearts

Do you remember making animal hearts when you were a kid?

It’s one of my favourite memories of Valentines Day, that and making the little box or envelope that we’d collect our cards in πŸ™‚

On Friday we got together with our Big Buddies and had a blast making animal hearts.

The kids had a fabulous time! All we did was give them some paper, googly eyes and a little inspiration from Pinterest and they were off and running.

Valentine Poetry Freebies

Here’s last week’s poem.

We practiced it every single day. Then on Friday the kids cut up a mixed-up version and pasted it onto pink paper so it could go into their poetry journals.

If you’d like a copy of that poem, plus three more, complete with the mixed-up copy, just click on the link below.


Happy Family Day to all my fellow BC bloggers!

Valentine animals and lots of free poems. Perfect for first grade.

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