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Have you heard of Primary Success? It’s a great website run by a retired Grade 1 teacher by the name of Jean Roberts. She lives about 100 k north of me in a town called Nanaimo.

Not only does Jean have lots of primary resources for sale, she’s also very generous with her freebies.

One product she sells, which I’ve used off and on over the years, is her Homework Calendar. Here in BC we’re not mandated to send work home until Grade 4:

I completely agree with our Ministry’s philosophy around homework. I think primary-age children should be going home to play outside, draw, paint, read, chat with Mom and Dad or go off to a movie or the park.

But some kids need a little extra boost and, of course, it’s always a good idea to try and establish a bit of a school work ethic, or habit, during the early years.

For this reason, I think Jean’s Homework Calendars are perfect. Each day there’s a little task to do. None of the tasks take very long and there’s lots of variety. I tell the parents it’s completely optional, but if they choose to have their children participate then they’re to send the calendar sheet back to school with an initial beside each day, showing that their child completed the daily homework.

Not everyone chooses to participate and that’s fine. Some families are extremely busy with sports and dance classes and what have you. But other families choose to make it a priority and that’s great, too.

Here’s what September’s pages look like:

FREE and FUN Homework Calendars

FREE and FUN Homework Calendars

If you’re interested in buying your own set of HOMEWORK CALENDARS go to Primary Success, then click on “Grade 1”.

These calendars are updated every year and as of 2021 they’re still current!


12 thoughts on “Homework Calendars”

  1. Oh my goodness! I SO agree with your ministry's philosophy on homework. I want to ONLY give homework to those kiddos who are struggling in a particular area. We are MANDATED to give homework and it absolutely rubs me the wrong way! The homework calendars are awesome!

  2. I love your philosophies regarding homework too. We send home 5 sight words per week and a home reading book each night in kindergarten. It steps up from there each year. As a teacher and a mum I hate homework. I believe kids need to play and relax at the end of a school day. I want this time to be relationship building with my children not homework nagging. Oh don't get me started… Let me again finish by saying love what you do because it's simple and valuable.Julie 🙂Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  3. I wish all schools had your philosophy on homework! My own kids come home and spend HOURS on homework after they have been at school all day. We are creating children who are becoming stressed and burnt out at the elementary level. It's so frustrating to watch!

  4. I, too, love the idea of no homework for little ones. Duh! Our little guys get some homework, not much, but I sure like that calendar. Just the right idea. Thanks for sharing.


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