My Classroom Pics!

We just started school on Tuesday and I only got my new class today (Thursday) for about 5 minutes. Hard to say, but at first glance they seem like a bunch of cutie pies. But hey, what six year olds aren’t?

A few blogging friends have been “bugging” me to post pics. Good thing they did ’cause to be honest, it may otherwise not have happened:)

As you can imagine, my classroom does NOT look lived in at the moment. But I have to say, this is THE most gorgeous class I’ve had in my 23 years of teaching (I just transferred here this year). The school is 19 years old (brand-new in my books), is big, bright (full of skylights) and every classroom has a full wall of windows looking out onto a background of west coast evergreens. And under all those windows are built-in carpeted benches for the kids to sit on.

Even today when it was raining the classroom was still bright and happy!

Here goes:

Here’s my rainbow table (this is the only old looking item in the classroom) where I’ll be teaching my guided reading groups. Do you see the window? There are 4 of them that look in the hallway. The hallway with the skylights! I love that extra light.

This is the arts and crafts corner. I just purchased that little blue chalk table for $25 from some local artisans. The kids can paint on the other side of the chalk easel. The bulletin board will be used to display their gorgeous creations.

This door leads to the class next door, although it’s my understanding that they’re never opened. I thought I’d leave mine relatively clear though, just in case. This is the building corner.

Here are the windows I was talking about. They cover the entire back wall of the classroom and even wrap around a bit on each side. I’ve set all my reading tubs under the windows and added some cushions on the bench, which is still wide enough for the little guys to sit on.  These are the two moon chairs I bought last year from Walmart ($30!).

Here’s part of my desk. The rainbow shelves are my math stations. See the red tub in behind? It’s the tunnel from my ladybug tent. It will be perfect as a cozy reading spot for one or two kids.

Check out that rug! It belongs to the school, not me. It’s super big and super colourful. I’ve never had a theme before (didn’t even know they existed until I started reading my lovely American friends’ blogs). I still don’t have a theme, but if I was pressed, I could easily say it’s RAINBOWS:)  Kinda like that:)

My calendar corner. I was going to do do a year long calendar, but kind of chickened out at the last moment. Didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to give up my routines. Haha.  Oops, just realized I forgot to put the numbers in the calendar … another job for tomorrow.

I’m NOT doing the straws this year to keep track of days in school (using ones, tens, hundreds). After a lot of thought I honestly feel like it’s not the best use of time. Very few of my kids pick up the concept that way. This year we’ll be doing a weekly estimation jar and will be sorting the items into groups of tens and ones. Remember when I said I was trying very hard this year to make things more authentic? I’m hoping the estimation jar will be much more meaningful.

This corner speaks for itself. Normally I have a lovely wooden rocking chair but it’s in for repairs right now. Hopefully I’ll get it back in the next couple of weeks. My agenda will be in the long skinny pocket chart and the 100s chart is right beside it.

That’s it! Although I just realized I forgot to take a picture of their lockers. Instead of cubbies, they have the cutest little pink lockers out in the hallway. I LOVE them!

That’s it! Have a great Friday.


12 thoughts on “My Classroom Pics!”

  1. Your clasoom is gorgeous! My school is probably about 50 years old, so 19 years looks brand we to me too. I love your windows and your view! So glad you decide to post pictures!–

  2. Fabulous! 1) I LOVE that you also call the table \”rainbow\” instead of kidney. What kid knows what a kidney bean looks like:-) 2) Love the windows. Not sure what I would do without all the natural lighting. Your kids must love coming to your class.LaurieChickadee JubileePS…can you tell that I am going through the \”save for later\” part of my feedly reader:-)?


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