Monster Art

Have you read Jeremy Draws a Monster yet? It’s so sweet. It’s all about a little boy, Jeremy, who has no friends. To keep himself busy he draws. One day he draws a monster and to my kids’ delight, the monster comes to life. Unfortunately he has VERY BAD MANNERS.

We had a great time talking about why the monster wasn’t a very good friend.

After reading the book we made splat monsters. I got this great idea from Joanne at Pre K + K Sharing.

I put blobs of tempera paint on pieces of 8 1/2 by 11 paper. I used finger paint paper because I thought the shiny surface would make it easier for the paint to flow. The kids then used straws to blow the paint around.

After adding some detail with black sharpies and googly eyes for character, their fabulous monsters were finished.

May YOUR days be filled with well-mannered monsters!


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  1. Goodness that's a GREAT enrichment idea! I'm also loving the premise behind this book. It kind of reminds me of Jodi Moore's Dragon book … the boy is lonely at the beach so a Dragon visit but he's makes bad choices and gets the child into trouble. AdOrAbLe!Sending smiles from the south,Barbara


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