Be Kind to the Animals

When I go back to school next week I\’m beginning the year with a unit on kindness. I was inspired to do this when Barbara recommended a book to me called Each Kindness.
But I don\’t want the kids to forget our animal friends.
That\’s where Kate & Pippin comes in. A teacher friend gave me this beautiful book which illustrates the importance of kindness between people and animals, as well as between different animal species.

Isobel (a wildlife photographer) rescues a fawn and her lovely Great Dane, Kate, takes it upon herself to care for the motherless baby.

This book is so sweet and touching … perfect for kids of all ages.
I was also visiting Not Just Child\’s Play this morning where I was further inspired with a beautiful video called \”The Power of Words\” and a fabulous toothpaste activity to demonstrate how words cannot be taken back.


Have you seen this video? I LOVE the song and the images. It\’s all about the ripples of kindness: A perfect accompaniment to Each Kindness.
If you\’re looking for more ideas, you could check out a collaborative pinterest board called Kindness. If you\’d like to be able to add your own pins to the board, send me your email and I\’ll add you to it.
Have a beautiful day!

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8 thoughts on “Be Kind to the Animals”

  1. Yay – you're back! LOVE the toothpaste activity … it's messy, but worth it! Do let me know what your students think of the book; I think it'll be a part of my first round of peace-class lessons, too.Sending smiles from the south,Barbara

  2. My first week of school and we showed s'more kindness than ever! The kids passed out paper \”s'mores\” when someone was kind to them. No prize, no reward just the paper that said, \”Thanks for showing me s'more kindness\” I guess I should post about that! Glad you are back!! I missed you!Jenny


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