Canada Day FREEBIES!

Inside: Lots of free classroom ideas for Canada Day, including a “Symbols of Canada” book.

Happy Canada Day to our beautiful country!

We spent the last two weeks of school (YES! I’m on summer vacay now!) learning about the symbols of Canada.

Here’s a peak at some of the fun stuff we did.

Our Inukshuks

We went for a walk around our school and the kids collected rocks. I said no more than 10 but some of them had their pockets bulging with 20 or more rocks. Haha!

They had a blast building these. It took some time and patience, but not too much and everyone was very successful.  In years past I’ve had them glue the rocks together with white craft glue but this year I didn’t bother. They took their rocks home and hopefully rebuilt their inukshuks.

Canadian Beavers

These beavers crack me up!  BTW, they did these completely independently while I was doing assessments.

I had the kids paint those flimsy paper plates with brown tempera paint. After the paint dried they coloured and glued on the beaver’s features.

In the freebie below I have a link to the directions.

Illustrating Our Anthem

After singing a gazillion different versions of “O Canada” (okay, six) and reading/discussing these books, I put the kids in pairs and give them each a phrase from our anthem. Their job is to illustrate the words. They always rise to the challenge and do an amazing job!

Symbols of Canada Freebie

Here’s the freebie I promised. It’s my 18-page Canadian Symbols mini-unit.

Click on this image to grab the whole pack.

This is a sample of what you’ll find. There are also links to YouTube videos that I found useful, a map, a copy of the anthem, a few simple writing pages and more.

I hope you can use this. Leave some love if you grab it :))

Happy Canada Day!

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  1. The inukshuks are cool. I know the Canadian anthem because I watch too much hockey! haha Illustrating the anthem is a great idea! I hope you've been enjoying your first few days of summer vacay!


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