End-of-the-year Student Goodies

Our school year is almost over so I’ve started thinking about what to send home in the kids’ report cards ~ aside from their reports, that is :).

I came across this poster the other day that I think is fabulous. I posted it on my classroom blog but I might run off a copy to send home.  If you click the image you can grab a copy from For The Teachers (great site, BTW).

Tammy, from Forever in First, has an awesome idea for end-of-the-year report card goodies. This one involves Dollar Store stationery and envelopes to encourage your students to write letters over the summer. You can find her post here.

This year I’m also thinking of sending a book home with each child. Scholastic Canada has a great deal in their June SeeSaw ~ 20 books for $29.99.  You can’t beat that, right?

I have such a sweet class this year I can’t resist giving them a little “going away” present.

Do you send anything home with your students?


13 thoughts on “End-of-the-year Student Goodies”

  1. I love that poster! And your kiddos will be so happy to get a book. I put together memory books. That's a great deal on books!. Kids will get to have friends sign their autograph page today, we'll make ice cream sundaes, and summer vacation will begin!–ChrissyFirstgradefoundme.blogspot.com

  2. I really like that poster! That would be great to send home with kids at the end of the year. Last year I mailed my kindergartners through second graders 3 books each over the summer to try to help keep them reading over the summer months.LoriConversations in Literacy

  3. Great poster to encourage parents to support their kids' reading. I put a note in the kids' report cards that if they send me a post card, I will send them one back. Every summer I send a few post cards. Sandi

  4. Pinned the poster … thanks for scouting it out! I loved Tammy's idea, too!!Oh, and I got a fun package in the mailbox today … will blog about it on Sunday. Yay … I could feel the love from Canada.Barbara


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