Organizing My Books and Math Centres

The awesome Kristen, from Ladybug’s Teacher Files, is having an organization linky party to get ready for the new year. I haven’t even finished up with THIS year but I’m more than happy to join in:)

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I feel like I’m pretty organized in the classroom, although I have to admit, I’m not organized in a cute colour-coordinated way that many of you are.

I’ve organized my math centres in a variety of ways over the years, but this is by far the best.

I finally splurged and bought this shelf of 10 trays from Michaels. It was quick ‘n easy to put together and it’s easy to tuck into a corner.

I find that 10 centres is more than enough for our needs and I love how all the trays are big enough to hold the games.

Below are my guided reading books. I bought these shelves from Walmart. I can’t remember now what I paid but it was very reasonable.

I see that some of my labels have fallen off.  Sheesh, I really need to pretty that up a little.

I have a lot of books, so some of my drawers are kind of crammed full, but I really like how the books are tucked away under cover. We have a TON of dust in our school, and this keeps them ever so clean!

I hope you join Kristen’s party and share the ways YOU organize your classroom.


26 thoughts on “Organizing My Books and Math Centres”

  1. Oh Barb, you are so organized! I love it all! We get a lot of dust over the year too, that's why I adore those drawers so much. Thanks for linking up with us, I really appreciate it 🙂 🙂

  2. LOVE your organization! I scored one of those colorful carts from Michaels a few weeks ago at a yard sale for $10! I plan to use it for my centers . You know that was a great deal. Sure glad I saw this post. Great linky party!

  3. I have been eye-ing up those colourful shelves form Michaels for a while now… Do the drawers come out easily? Do you have your students take the whole drawer out or just what is inside?Thanks for sharing your organization ideas! :)AmandaFirst Grade Garden

  4. Hi Amanda! The drawers DO come out easily but you have to make sure you line them up correctlywhen sliding them back in. The kids can do it, they just have to be shown how. I letthem take the whole drawer out. It's easier to keep track of the game pieces. :))


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