More Doubles Freebies

We're learning our doubles facts!

Here's a game I made last year but I've added a bit more cuteness to it.

My kids LOVE this game because they get to eat Smarties! But it's not just about the candy. They got lots of practice with their doubles facts, too, especially once the board starts filling up and they have to recalculate their facts.

This is a freebie I picked up last year from the Lesson Plan Diva.  I'm going to give each child 3 double-sided sheets. We won't be rolling dice. Instead I'll just have them start with one dot on each side of the ladybug, then two dots, etc. until they have 12 dots on each side.

Click both images to grab these freebies.

And before you go, HERE'S another doubles FREEBIE I posted a few days ago.



  1. What fun! Kids love games and especially the ones that involve food!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. You can't beat smarties:). Thanks for stopping by Lori!

  2. I love the doubles game! Can't wait to play it with my kiddos :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  3. For some reason I'm just now grabbing this doubles freebie. It will be perfect to help my students review. Thanks!
    First Grade Found Me


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