Spring Art

The daffodils are everywhere so last week we decided to make our own.

We used cupcake liners for the flower trumpet and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

If you're doing this with young children, I'd advise tracing/drawing the petals for them. Most of my six-year-olds could handle it, but the kiddos with weaker fine motor skills found it pretty labour intensive.

I've never seen pink daffs  before! I'm definitely going to be planting some of these next fall.

I found so many pretty daffodil pics on google I couldn't resist sharing a couple:)


  1. Those daffodils are a quick Spring fix for the classroom. I have 3 different sized cupcake liners and some different coloured/patterns ones. I let the kids chose up to 3 liners, so we have some colourful and cheerful trumpets. Does that make sense? http://rubberbootsandelfshoes.blogspot.ca/2012/04/coming-up-daffodils.html

    rubberboots and elf shoes

  2. Such a pretty art project Barbara!
    Love it!

  3. Oooh... I make these just about every year on the first day of Spring. They are so cheery and make me excited for Spring! Thanks for sharing!
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

  4. Barb! Those pink daffodils are BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen them either but I think I must plant them next year!

    Thanks for sharing such a cute project!

    A Day in First Grade

  5. Cute, cute, cute spring art! I have never seen pink daffodils, but they sure are pretty!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. I love these so much that I went out and got cupcake liners to make these tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!


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