This is the Dog: Book Review

I know I review a LOT of dog books. You’ll have to forgive this weakness of mine. But I could not resist this sweet story from an author who lives in my hometown of Victoria, B.C.

This is the Dog. Fun book for young children. Book review plus related activities. #booksforkids #dogs #dogbooks #gradeonederful

Title: This is the Dog
Author: Sheryl McFarlane
Illustrator: Chrissie Wysotski
Publishing: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2003
Intended Audience: Ages 3 to 9
Genre/Topic: Fiction, Dogs

Opening: This is the dog too excited to stay, a tail-wagging puppy all ready to  play.

Brief Synopsis: The dog is FULL of energy, he wants to play but all of his people have other things to do. So what’s a dog supposed to do? Go on a wild adventure of his own, of course. He spends the morning getting into all sorts of fun “trouble”.

Why I Like This Book: The dog is irresistible! The illustrations are bright and beautiful. It has a happy ending. It rhymes. And most importantly (to me), I have fond memories of one of my dogs stealing a cookie right out of the waving hand of a two year old. Funniest thing I have EVER seen! Luckily, the child’s mother thought so, too:)


1. Here’s a list of Fun Facts About Dogs and Puppies.

2. Write about your own dog’s adventures, real or imagined.  Here’s some paper I made that you can use:

3. Becca Ruth, From That Little Art Teacher, has this fabulous lesson plan.

How cute are those dogs? I can hardly wait to try this out with my own class.

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That’s it!  Have a great weekend!

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15 thoughts on “This is the Dog: Book Review”

  1. This book and associated activities look like a lot of fun. There has been much discussion about getting a new dog in my house. I can't predict what might happen if I get the book!

  2. That's one great cover! Looks like my friend Jazz. Kind of sounds like her too! I'll have to check this book out! And I like your rhyming and art ideas. Fun in the classroom! Thanks!


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