The Truth is Revealed!


All righty ... I shall reveal the truth, or is it the lie?


I HAVE been married twice. First time in 1978 and the second time in 2003. BUT, they were both to the same guy:))

On our 25th wedding anniversary we invited everyone over for a celebration. The party was HUGE (I think there were about 50 people) and we had it catered.

Partway through the festivities Les told everyone we had a surprise for them. I walked down the deck stairs in my wedding dress and we were re-married in our backyard, with our sons (then 23 and 21) as witnesses, and all our friends. I even got a honking huge diamond!! 

I looked everywhere for the pics from that evening but I can't find them. This pic was taken a few years later but it was the best lovey-dovey one I could find. I think it was from my 50th birthday.


I was on a TV show in 1960 called Romper Room. It's a kids show that was aired in Vancouver but they made a special trip to Victoria and my little next door friend and I were both accepted. I don't remember anything about it though, other than I was super excited.  I was 4 years old at the time.


I've never had six dogs. In fact, it took me the first 11 years of my life to convince my parents that we HAD TO HAVE A DOG!  And we finally got our sweet little Muggins. I loved that dog to bits. He was my best buddy and I still miss him to this very day.

I don't have any digital photos of him ... it was too long ago:) 
But this is a pretty good match.

So there you have it.

Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. I LOVED Romper Room! We watched it all the time when we were kids! That is so cool that you were on it!
    You two are way too cute!
    PS. Your site looks AWESOME!!!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  2. Whenever I read things you write that are personal or personally felt, I cry. Isn't that funny? I love that re-marriage story. You are one of my most favorite people. xo

    First in Maine
    Academic Resources

  3. I am not sure that being married to the same man twice without a divorce in between counts!! Congratulations on being able to fit into your wedding dress 25 years after its first wearing!


    1. Well, to be honest, I wondered too. But it really was an official marriage so I figure it counts:)

  4. OMG I was on Romper Room, too! In Green Bay, WI ... remember the magic mirror .... EVERYBODY wanted their name called!! You are so lucky to have found true love ... twice!


    1. You were on Romper Room, too!! That's so cool! You're the third person (other than myself) that I know who was on it.

  5. Great truths and lies! What a fun linky!!!

    One Berry Blog

  6. What a wonderful story about surprising your guests to be remarried in front of them. So sweet!
    Conversations in Literacy

  7. I loved Romper Room. I used to nag my mom to take the back off of the tv so I could go to it every time I watched it. Poor lady, she tried so patiently to explain why I couldn't be there! Love your romantic story too!

    1. Haha! That's so funny :) Thanks for stopping by, Angie!

  8. I love a big diamond! You look happy, and that is the best look on any gal!

  9. Love this Linky party! I used to love Romper Room. It is so neat that you were on it! Do you have an old tape of you on it? I also love your anniversary story. How romantic! And he even "put a ring on it" too!! What a happy story!!

  10. Romper Room sounds totally familiar although I can't picture it. You're a celebrity!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  11. Aww, I love that you remarried, how sweet:) I have heard of Romper Room, but never saw it. I hope you are feeling better and getting back into your groove.


  12. Aww, your story about your 2nd wedding made me get all teary-eyed!! I hope that my hubby and I are still that in love in 20 years! (We celebrate our 5 year anniversary this June.) :)

    Teach On.


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