Math Freebies: Subtraction Sheets and Printing Numbers to 100 Game

I’m going to share a couple of math sheets my class is working on right now.

My kids are pretty good at addition to 12, but we need more practice with subtraction.

With these two sheets, you just roll a die, print the number in the first box then subtract.

I like these kinds of sheets because you can use them over and over with the kids generating slightly different facts. And hey! Dice are fun to use so it’s a win win.

I also have a few little people who are still learning to name and print the numbers to 100. With this game everyone uses their own game sheet. You can play in groups of 2 to 4.

The first player rolls a die and moves their counter that many spaces along the 100 board. If they rolled a 5 then their counter is sitting on the 5, and they then trace the numbers 1 to 5. While they’re doing that, the next player can begin. Play continues until the first person reaches 100.

With this type of game I’ll work with my struggling students so that I can make sure they’re naming the numbers aloud.  For the more able students, they tend to monitor each other.

If you’d like copies of these just CLICK HERE and they’re all yours 🙂

Have a great day. It’s sort of starting to feel like spring on southern Vancouver Island. Yay!


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  1. Thanks so much for the subtraction worksheets! I tried them with my class today and they loved using a die. I like the way you built in a way for the children to solve the equation if they didn't know the answer. Linda


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