Free Snowmen Clipart

UPDATE: These are no longer available. I made them about 6 years ago and well … let\’s just say I\’ve improved a bit since then 🙂  But if you\’re looking for some free clip art I have LOTS HERE!
Hi There! I\’ve been making snowmen!

I\’ve been playing around with my new Illustrator software and this is what I\’ve come up with. I\’m not really sure what I\’m doing just yet. I haven\’t learned how to add shading, for example. But I think they\’re kind of cute so I thought I\’d \”throw them\” out there and see what you think.

When you click HERE it will take you to a zip file in Google Drive where you can grab a png and/or jpg file of each snowman.

Please let me know if there\’s a better way to share these files.

BTW, if you grab them, I\’d love it if you\’d let me know, just so I can get a feel for how many people might be interested in more.

Once I get better at them I hope to sell them on Etsy or maybe TpT, but for now they\’re free free free:))

Oh yes, and if you use them in your teacher products that you sell, please give me credit

GO Designs @

Thanks so much!

35 thoughts on “Free Snowmen Clipart”

  1. Barb I literally just uploaded a snowman unit and I was on a mad hunt for free snowman clipart yesterday!! Oh well!! I am grabbing these and I will use them for something else soon!! Great job, I can't wait to see what else you make!Aloha,CorinnaSurfin' Through Second

  2. Hi Corinna,Thanks for letting me know:) I just moved them into Google Drive as a zip file. I hope that works for everyone. I also emailed them directly to you! Glad you like them. Take care!

  3. I love all of your snowmen! The last one, the beret wearing one, really caught my eye. He's very cute.Thanks for sharing and good luck because I bet that's not easy to do!~Andi

  4. Hi there,I love these snowmen. They have a lot of personality ! My daughter has been wanting to create some clip art also. What software are you using if you don't mind me asking?Thanks,Sarah

  5. LOVE the snowmen. I will definitely be using them in my weekly Wednesday Webspiration newsletter I put together for my teachers. They are so cute!! I would love to know what software you use, too. I would love to learn to create clipart.

  6. Thanks, Vicky. You're so sweet to say that. I actually think I'm more of a hard workerthan talented cause it took me forever ~ haha!! But that will be our secret :)) Happy New Year to you, too, Vicky!


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