A Photo Essay

I just came across this provocative photo essay by James Mollison. He photographed children\’s bedrooms from around the world. What really struck me was the disparity in wealth, but it also made me wonder about the differences in families\’ values and priorities. I think it speaks volumes about the state our world.
Click on the image below to have a look at Mollison\’s photos. They\’re amazing.

19 thoughts on “A Photo Essay”

  1. Wow! What disparity there is in the world. It makes me feel very blessed to be able to provide rooms for each of my children, and that those children are grateful for what they have! Thank you for sharing!Jenny

  2. I read this article some time ago and was stunned at what those pictures portrayed. I even showed it to my daughters. We live in such a materialistic society, and it does make you think about the huge differences in children throughout the world.Aloha,CorinnaSurfin' Through Second


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