Three Bears of the Pacific Northwest

Hi Everyone!  We've just started our bears unit ~ one of my all-time favourite science units to teach!

I found this book  a couple of months ago and I'm in love with it! I thought it was a Goldilocks knock-off, but it's not! It's much better! And it's definitely Perfect Picture Book WORTHY.

Title: Three Bears of the Pacific Northwest
Authors: Marcia and Richard Vaughan
Illustrator: Jeremiah Trammell
Publisher: Sasquatch Books, Seattle, 2011
Genre/Theme: Fiction, Bears, Animals
Ages: 3 and up

Synopsis: Blue Bear is travelling through the Cascade Range in a "shiny silver box with wheels" with his boy when ~ GASP! ~ he falls out onto the road.  Blue Bear's adventure begins when he meets Black Bear and Brown Bear. The three buddies travel through the forest (in a quest to find Blue Bear's boy) and meet all sorts of other native animals: Moose, skunk, beaver, harbour seal, orca, octopus.

Why I Like It: This book is the perfect way to introduce children to the habitat of the Pacific Northwest. I love how the authors include all sorts of sea, as well as forest animals. This is also the first children's book I've seen where they refer to the ocean as the Salish Sea. This is the coastal water between Vancouver Island (where I live) to the tip of North Western Washington State. The Coast Salish People are indigenous to this area and the name Salish Sea was adopted to try and raise awareness about our precious ecosystem and to pay homage to the First Nations culture.

Opening: High in the Cascade Mountains, Black Bear was about to cross the road to his favourite berry patch when an RV came cruising around the corner. Suddenly something tumbled out an open window and bounced across the road.

Links to Resources:

I love "how to draw" tutorials and this one from Kathy at Art Projects for Kids is a great one.

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Leaving you with some sweet bear photos!

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National Geographic for Kids

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  1. Barbara, lovely choice. I love the Pacific Northwest and any book that highlights the animals and habitat would be very appealing. I'm sure kids will love this.

    1. Thanks, Patricia. I love that it includes so many different animals.

  2. I love your website and I have found many wonderful resources. I teach grade 1 in pemberton, bc and love that this book is about the pacific north west. Thank you! Alison

    1. Hey Alison! Thanks. It's so nice to meet someone from BC. You'll have to get a blog going soon :)

  3. Can't wait to read this book. Who can resist those illustrations?

  4. Gorgeous book! I would love to visit the Pacific NW in person some day, but until then I'll travel there through books!

  5. Barbara, what a fabulous choice. I love stories that are strong and fun in themselves but allow a child to discover more about nature!

  6. Sounds like an excellent book, Barb - especially for those of us who live on the Salish Sea. I am going to pass this on to a friend of mine who is studying bears in her class right now.

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  7. My preschooler just finished discussing hibernation at school. I'm hoping our library has this book. I think he'll love it.

  8. This sounds fantastic. I am going to check it out for sure!


  9. This sounds totally and utterly fabulous, Barbara! I have to get one for my sister immediately! When we were kids, we were driving in our "RV" (well, the version from the '60s) somewhere in the far northwest (I can't remember exactly where but kind of in your neck of the woods) and my brother threw my sister's blue dog out the window! (I know, it was a dog not a bear, but BLUE!) Anyway, the RV had brake trouble and we were on a steep winding mountain road and my dad couldn't stop, so we weren't able to go back for the dog, and it has remained a point of contention between my brother and sister ever since :) So you can see why she needs this book :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. That's hilarious, Susanna! Well, not for your sister of course:) you should get a copy for your brother, too. Haha.
      BTW, thanks for doing PPBF! I really enjoy it.
      See ya!

  10. I love when bloggers share books that they enjoy. There are so many wonderful children's books I'm finding through blogger recommendations!:) Thanks!

    Granny Goes to School

  11. Another great book! Your bear unit must be so fun!
    Conversations in Literacy

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