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Inside: A round-up of Christmas countdown calendars.

Yesterday Sandi, from rubber boots and elf shoes, was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a Christmas countdown calendar, other than the ubiquitous Santa with the cotton puff beard.

The bearded Santa is the one I've done every year, but when she expressed a desire for change, it got me thinking, too.

So I started searching online for alternatives.

I have to tell you!!! there are TONS of advent calendar ideas out there but not many that kids can actually make.

Here's what I finally came up with. Not all of the images are linked just yet as I'm in the middle of updating this post.

1. Paper Chain Countdown

I used to do these with my class years ago, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. But you can find some great photos and directions from the Modge Podge Rocks blog.

Image Source: Modge Podge Rocks

2. Trim Santa's Beard Countdown

I thought this idea from Gluesticks was very original. I haven't seen this idea anywhere else. The entire Santa is made out of paper and once it's complete, all you do is trim off a piece of the beard.

Image Source: Gluesticks


3. Christmas Countdown Tree

This beautiful and free printout is available from Made to Be a Momma. It's a full colour printable which makes it perfect for quick and easy home use. 

Image Source: Made to Be a Momma

4. Countdown Christmas Tree in B & W

If you're looking for an advent tree for the classroom, then this one from the Printables Fairy will be a better choice as it's in black and white. Perfect for the photocopier, right? Plus, your kids could get super creative in how they decorate the ornaments each day.

Image Source: Printables Fairy hard to decide, but I think they'd all be wonderful choices for a fun way to count down the days until Christmas.

BTW,  here's my own quilted Advent Calendar that I bring to school each year. I use this in addition to the individual calendars the kids have. I put chocolate in each of those trains (they have little pockets) and each day the special helper gets a chocolate. 

I'd love to see what your kids will be making for a Christmas countdown calendar. Be sure to let me know ... and Sandi, too :)

You might also like these Santa beard and Christmas tree countdown sheets that are super easy for kids to make.

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I am also partial to the trees. : )

    rubberboots and elf shoes

    1. I was just going to email you and show you what I'd found. You're too fast for me :)

  2. Cute ideas. I like the santa with the white beard loops.

  3. Thanks, great ideas. I am partial to the trees too. Thanks, Liz :)

  4. Thanks for the great ideas! I love glitter! I seem to have more silver glitter in my hair every day! The quilted advent calendar is simply gorgeous...Did you make it? That is one of the things I wish I made more time for.
    Owl Things First!

  5. Hi Barbara! I am doing Christmas Around the World with my class and an including Canada this time since we are part of a greeting card exchange and there are classes in Canada. It seems like Christmas is celebrated in pretty much the same way as in the US from everything I can find. I'm wondering if (for our craft for Canada) we should make an advent calendar? or is there something traditionally Canadian that we should make? I'd love your input if you have any ideas.
    First Grade Found Me

  6. My husband had a great idea for a student advent calendar this week actually: Have the kids colour a small-ish numbered winter scene/ornament/whatever and put their picture underneath. Every day take off the number and you'll have a smiling face instead :)
    - Amanda
    Inspired in Second

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