Pumpkin Circle: Book Review

Inside: Review of Pumpkin Circle and links to activities.

I just couldn’t resist one last pumpkin book before Halloween.

Pumpkin Circle is definitely my all-time favourite for teaching the kids about the life cycle of a pumpkin. If you only buy one pumpkin book, this is it!

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Title: Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden (Amazon affiliate link)
Author: George Levenson
Photographer: Shmuel Thaler
Publishing: Tricycle Press, 1999
Theme: Non-Fiction, Life-cycle, Pumpkins

Synopsis from the Book Jacket:

Come find out how a garden grows, as an amazing cycle unfolds in a backyard pumpkin patch….this book is a bug’s-eye view and a bird’s-high view of seeds sprouting, flowers blooming, bees buzzing, pumpkins growing and, finally, going back to earth.


The pumpkin seed makes the pumpkin plant, and the pumpkin plant makes pumpkins.

Pumpkin Circle Book Review by GradeONEderful.com

Why I Like This Book:

It’s gorgeous, magical, poetic, and the photography is to die for.

Just listen to some of the language: “Every passing minute awakens each new plant, reaching down with silky roots, reaching up to dance.”

“Now comes the harvest. Pluck treasures from the vine. Clear away lifeless leaves. Hide the rags of time.”

“Sinking, shrinking pumpkin, back to earth you go, turning into muck and dirt — a place for seeds to grow.”

Pumpkin Circle Book Review by GradeONEderful.com


1. There are some great activities at the author’s website here.

2. You can grab these beautiful photographs of a pumpkin cycle (below) from a Montessori site *

* When you click on the link above it immediately downloads a pdf of the life cycle pictures below. It sometimes seems like the link isn’t going anywhere, but just check your downloads and you’ll have a copy of these gorgeous pictures!

Pumpkin Circle Book Review by GradeONEderful.com

3. The Happy DIY Home has a big and very detailed post on growing pumpkins. Wanna-be gardeners will love it!

4. If you haven’t already checked out my pumpkin posts, you’ll also find more ideas (there’s a mixture of stuff, not all of it directly related to the life cycle).


Thanks, Susanna, for hosting Perfect Picture Book Friday!

Happy pumpkin picking.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting such a great book. I love books that are filled with rich beautiful photographs. My students will love it, too! I love the close-up of the seeds and pulp…It's gorgeous!Jenny


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