No! Funnest isn't a real word!

Today we had a visit from our police liaisons to talk to the primary children about Halloween safety.

They're both great guys and very well liked!

But I have a teeny tiny beef. One of them used the word (or should I say non-word) "funnest"!!

I was stunned!

Why would an adult purposely use a word like that in front of 100 four to eight-year-olds?

Maybe he was trying to be funny or thought it was cute, but when I have a couple of kiddies who argue with me that "Yes, runned IS a word, Mrs. Leyne" then I don't need adults they look up to using words like "funnest".

What do you think? Do I need to lighten up a little?

Grade ONEderful: Picture of ghost coming out of a jack-o-lantern

Afterwards, my class wrote some Halloween safety rules on this paper. This is another experiment for me. I found this old picture in my file today, took a picture of it, uploaded it into photoshop, tidied it up and made a pdf file to share. You can grab the lined version here and the unlined version here.



  1. Nope. You are not being a grammar-police-stick-in-the-mud. We use real words when talking to children, not baby talk. It's respectful. My two cents.


  2. I agree with you completely, Barb! You know what else drives me nuts? Kids' Klub! It should be Kids' Club, with a C. Why are we trying to make it cute by spelling it wrong? Grrr!

  3. Good morning, sweet friend - I am with Sandi and Erin . . . rock on, grammar police! I got a flyer from a local organization that started with YOUR invited ..... Your dog? Your sister? Your what??

    How creative you are to take an old graphic and 21-st centurify it! (Is centurify a word??


  4. It's sad, but most of my kids do not hear correct grammar at home. When we are taking those dreaded bubble in tests, a lot of them will bubble in what sounds familiar to them instead of what we just learned. I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle and losing sometimes.

    Maybe the policeman didn't know funnest isn't a word. Just a thought.

    What program are you using for the writing paper and the leaves, I'd like to try doing something like that.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. Oh how I love this bloggy world! I often find out that I'm not the only one! That bugs me and I've thought maybe I was just too picky. Thank you for saying that.

  6. I would agree with Kelly that maybe the police officer didn't know "funnest" wasn't a word, or else it is just a word he uses without thinking, like saying "You did good" instead of saying "You did well." Not saying that police officers don't have to be intelligent, but their training focuses more on physical abilities and thinking on your feet, and not so much on grammar and writing. At least he didn't whip out a double negative! ;)

  7. haha, that title grabbed me!! That was great!


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