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I’m starting a pumpkin unit today, so I took some time this weekend to make  2 different math games.

I think I’ve finally figured out how to use power point and I have to agree with some of my blog friends — it’s the way to go!

Grade ONEderful: Halloween Match and Cover Math Game

The first game (with 5 very cute Halloween variations) is a match and cover game. It’s played with 10-frame cards.

Directions: You need 2 or 3 sets of 10-frame cards and 2 different coloured counters (one colour for each player).

Place the cards face down; partners take turns turning over a card. Match the card with a number on the game board and cover it with a counter.

Play continues back and forth like this. If there’s no match you miss a turn. When the board is completely covered, the player with the most counters is the winner.

This game helps the kids become familiar with 10-frames (visualizing numbers in relation to 10) and helps with subitizing, too.

These are the cards I use.  I have a class set of 20 and here in Victoria most people call them Power of 10 cards. Our local math guru (Trevor Calkins) has developed a program of activities and games using these cards.

If you click on the card image it will take you to his website, which I highly recommend. Trevor has some awesome ideas!

The next game is to practice counting. Our Grade 1’s are expected to be able to count to 100, count back from 20, skip count by 2s to 20 and skip count by 5s and 10s to 100.

This game is just a fun way to practice counting by rote.  I’ve included a cheat sheet for the kids to read from. I won’t give you the directions here because they’re printed on the game and are pretty simple to follow.

Grade ONEderful: Halloween Counting Game for Grade 1

The spinner can be used with a paper clip and pencil.

Grade ONEderful: Halloween Counting Game for Grade 1; Picture of the spinner

Click here to grab all the games.

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  1. Thanks for the great game Barbara. I'm hoping to print them off, and laminate them in the morning to use right away. I too use the Power of 10 cards, have taken the course from Trevor in Calgary, and he came for several days of inservice to my school a few of years ago.


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