Panda Freebies Galore!

Look what just arrived in my local bookstore the other day (I special ordered it) and I absolutely adore it. I can't wait to read it to my new class next week.

It's called Panda Kindergarten by Joanne Ryder.

You only have to look at those sweet faces and you know you're going to love this book. The book is full of photos of the 16 giant panda cubs living at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda. The Giant Panda is a threatened species and this is a true story about how the cubs were raised so that they could learn the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness.

I decided to look around the net and see what sort of panda lessons I could find. If you love pandas as much as I do, you are definitely going to want to check out the following links!

The blog Let's Explore shows you how to make this very sweet panda puppet.

At Activity Village you can learn how to draw a panda:

And look at these cool bookmarks you can also download from Activity Village:

And I LOVE this cup and ball panda:

Did you know that Eric Carle has a book about pandas? I had no idea. I was looking through Deep Space Sparkle and found out about it there.

Now I'm feeling like a goof 'cause it's been out for several years. How did I miss that??

Anyway, here's a snapshot of the art project at Deep Space Sparkle. You have to buy this lesson (it's not a freebie), but it's only $5 and it includes polar bear and brown bear art lessons, too. I'm ALL over this. I tried to buy it right now but PayPal isn't cooperating tonight (wait! It's 1:00 in the morning. Hello Michelle down in Arizona :))

Okay, I'm glad now that I stayed up a bit later to do this, because I now have my first couple of days planned. I go back to school Tuesday. The kids are only with me for 2.5 hours. Then we start in full-time on Wednesday. BUT (and I believe I mentioned this before) we have last year's kids for the first few days while enrolment is all sorted out. So these fun lessons will be absolutely PERFECT!

Nighty night!


  1. This is perfect for your class! It is amazing what can be found late at night:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Thanks for all of the cute panda resources! That book looks adorable!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. those pandas are so cute. I love those how to draw pages... I use them all the time with my rti enrichment group. after I show them how to draw they write a story and add details to the background of the picture.

  4. I hope your first day is a wonderful one. I wish our first day was short like yours. They tend to melt by 2:35. Anyway, I'm sure they'll love your panda projects.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. Awww I saw a picture once where they had like 20 panda babies all napping at the same time in Panda Kindergarten...I thought, how can they get 20 bears to all take a nap and I can't get my three kiddos to sit still at the dinner table??? :)

    Going Nutty!

  6. I love that book. Thanks for sharing the great panda resources! Have a great Labor Day!

  7. Love all your panda stuff! I was fortunate enough to be able to see some at the San Diego Zoo this past summer! Last year I had a panda theme going on in my room! Thanks for checking out my blog! I am your newest follower!

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